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Unified IM communication

Gaining features of instant messaging competences on your current products or services by integrating RoCloud IM SDK
Deliverable Features
Single Chat & Group Chat

Including one-on-one chat, group chat, and video chat as main features provided. Within the group features contained discussion group and regular group to allow customers can define it according to the business scenario

Rich Communication Methods

Text, images, Real time voice & videos calls, emojis, short-videos and custom messages, etc., rich and varied chat methods for better experience

Custom Interface

The IM SDK contains a free IM interface component - IMKit, which allows developer to customize the conversation list, chat window, etc., its greatly to meet what you really want on your self-existent apps

Advantages Of Rongcloud Instant Messaging
Stable & Solid

Multi-data center architecture

Horizontal expanding support

220 billion level daily peak message

Massive Concurrency

Massive user based support

Billions-level message concurrency with 99% of deliverable rate

Diverse Scenarios

Verified in different business scenarios with years of working experience with industrial partners

Secure & Reliable

Private binary protocol

Data highly encrypted for more secure