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Shorten the span of human time and space

IM&RTC, a set of SDK solves all communication problems of the product. It is interoperable around the world with mass concurrency and fast integration.

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SealChat, pure instant messaging app with fast, simple, and secure features.

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Various and high-quality communication products to boost client's success of business
In order to help change your business largely, we can develop everything you need to construct safe, reliable and intelligent communication.

Unified Instant-Messaging

1-day fast integration with safety and reliability, Global interoperability to chat in single group, chatting office and system notifications.


30-minutes fast integration of audio and video, supporting 1v1, multiple to multiple audio and video call and server video.

RongCloud Enterprise

Help clients stride forward the new era of intelligent office, making work easier and more effective.

Provide exclusive solution which is specific to you with deeper research


Enable the operator's business scenarios to better apply to social and clients' service in different apps

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As a basic communication platform offering banking service, Financial is used to support clients in banks to operate various kinds of communication service.

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Online Education

Meet all the demands of educational scenarios, achieving interactions between teachers and students via Text, voice, video, whiteboard and screen.

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Global interconnection
Global layout make inter-regional experience more smooth
Own the communication network covering all over the world, relying on multiple data centers, thousands of nodes, reaching 233 countries and regions around the world.
For developer
Easy to use Fast integration for developers
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Web
  • Flutter
  • RongIM.init(this, 'AppKey', false);
    RongIM.connect("Token", new RongIMClient.ConnectCallback() {
      public void onTokenIncorrect() { }
      public void onSuccess(String userId) { }
      public void onError(RongIMClient.ErrorCode errorCode) { }
  • [[RCIM sharedRCIM] initWithAppKey:@"AppKey"];
    [[RCIM sharedRCIM] connectWithToken:@"Token" success:^(NSString *userId) {
    } error:^(RCConnectErrorCode status) {
    } tokenIncorrect:^{
  • RongIMLib.RongIMClient.init('AppKey');
    RongIMClient.connect('Token', {
      onSuccess: function(userId) { },
      onTokenIncorrect: function() { },
      onError: function(errorCode) { }
  • //Initialization
    RongIMClient.connect(RongIMToken, (int code, String userId) {
      print('connect result ' + code.toString());
      if (code == 0) {
        print("connect success userId" + userId);
      } else if(code == 31004) {
          the token is invalid, 
          you need to re-obtain the token from the APP service and connect
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Web
  • Flutter
  • RongRTCEngine.getInstance().joinRoom(
    'RoomId', new JoinRoomUICallBack() {
      protected void onUiSuccess(RongRTCRoomrongRTCRoom) { }
      protected void onUiFailed(RTCErrorCode rtcErrorCode) { }
  • [[RongRTCEngine sharedEngine]
    completion:^(RongRTCRoom * _Nullable
    room, RongRTCCode code) {
  • let room = new Room({
      id: 'RoomId',
      joined: function(user){ },
      left: function(user){ }
    let user = {
      id: 'userId'
    room.join(user).then(() => { }, error => { });
  • RongCloudImPlugin.init(RongAppKey);
    int rc = await RongCloudImPlugin.connect(IMToken);
    print("connecting im " + rc.toString());
    RongRTCEngine.joinRTCRoom(this.roomId,(int code) {});
Instant Messaging
Instant messaging, quick integration in 1 day. Support single group chat, chat room, system notification and other communication capabilities...
Real-Time Communication
Audio and video, quick integration in 30 minutes. Support 1v1, multiple to multiple audio and video calls, server-side recording, server-side recording...
Why us
Safe and reliable global Internet Communication Cloud
Boost communication, achieving 300,000+ applications' preferences


Coco is the social community with the form of video, gathering various foreign talents. And you can upload you short videos here to show you beauty and colorful performance.


Accumulated download volume has surpassed 50 million. Users can enjoy and subscript any news and popular podcasts they like online. And it has covered 135 counties and regions all over the world.

Blocky Mods

The download volume has surpassed 10 million. It is an APP integrated with mini games, chatting and social community. The game internally has integrated with RongCloud's SDK for instant communication. Also, it has achieved global chatting and friends-making experience based on RongCloud's foreign data centers and its worldwide communication network.


The project is the most popular live broadcast platform in Malaysia, equipped with RongCloud chat room, which can realize interactive voice, gifts, rewards, red envelopes and other functions, as well as zero-distance interaction with the anchor.

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