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We made for customer who like never before engaged with programmable real-time voice & video communication
Deliverable Features
Multi-Party HD Voice & Video call

Providing multi-party voice & video call with high-quality and low-latency experience

Screen Sharing

The desktop version can realize the screen sharing function for training, conferencing and other scenarios


Support multi-party whiteboard interaction on PDF, PPT, PPTX and other formats of files


Supports call content recording in one-on-one or Group chat scenarios.Supports call content recording of single or all participants in a multi-party group chat

Why RongCloud RTC
RTC system encapsulates the most complex real-time communication technology into components, its allowing developers to quickly access audio and video communication capabilities by calling the SDK.
Low latency without stucking

Massive concurrency support

The call can be still made under 70% of losing package

Multi-terminal interoperability, full coverage for different platform

Globally interconnected to guarantee real-time HD calls for all users

Better quality with less traffic consumption

1080P/720P/480P /360P support with multi-quality switching

Verified by iSeetest test, clarity of static pic is in the leading position

Full-band sampling, sound quality comparable to CD

1s for noise reduction, 100% echo cancellation