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Unified Communication Technology Has Changed How Telecom Operator Combine Service in New Generation

Telecom businesses all around the world are going through an evolution phase from Fourth Generation mobile networks (4G) to Fifth generation (5G), but at the same time it is experiencing one of the most difficult times in their history as the revenues are dwindling. This is common with almost all the communication service providers (CSP) across the globe. The challenges faced by an operator or the issues in a region can vary, but they have some common challenges, which they have to tackle in the coming months or years. Those may be short term or a long term issues which can include competition, ARPU going down, price war, capital expenditure or operational expenditure related, Over-the-top (OTT) players challenges, bad debts, churn etc.

The service providers have to come up with new differentiating offers than the traditional voice, sms and device bundles. Historical revenues such as voice, sms, roaming and interconnect are dropping even though the number of subscribers or roaming customers increases year on year. The introduction of OTT players such as Skype, Google, Whatsapp forced many operators to reduce prices and got into a price war and they couldn’t defend their revenues.

Why telecom operator needs unified communication as their operator centric business

With the continuous development of the Internet and operator business, operators have launched a variety of services for their customers, such as online customer service, online payment services. Nevertheless, they are facing some new challenges, such as single type of online services, weak user attractiveness and other issues. In order to increase the types of customer services and the end-user engagement, operators need to build the diverse communication platform at this stage. As the underlying communication platform of operator services, it is used to support operators to launch diverse types of communication services, such as social networking, online customer service, message notification and so on. Unified instant messaging (IM) and real-time communication (RTC) technology platform, it is perfect platform to realize IM-base social activities, real time-base social activities, and intelligent customer service, as well as in different apps that offer better user experience and diverse services. It would create a unified whole process customer interaction system and support the realization of all-day business scenarios for any telecom operator.

More challenges you facing, more business process need to be changed up

Why choose RongCloud unified communication service?

For operator business scenarios to implement social and customer service in different APPs, RongCloud empowered enterprise clients with the ability of instant messaging crossing the platform. After integrating RongCloud SDK, APP has the competence of IM and RTC, thus realizing IM social, video social, IM/video customer service, intelligent customer service and other functions.

RongCloud instant messaging platform is based on multi-tenant architecture. It is supporting multi-App access and has the ability of data isolation for each App. It also can provide internal and external communication services for enterprise customers through single instant messaging platform. Enterprise customers are able to purchase one set of RongCloud’s communication products to meet their requirements of all communication services and scenarios.

RongCloud service is able to provide IM SDK and RTC SDK supporting multi-Operation Systems, including: Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, Web, to meet the different integration requirements.

RongCloud is the only service provider in the industry that promises 100% reliability of messages. It has strong technical mechanism to ensure that messages will be delivered, no missing, no disorder, no repeat. It has excellent product performance, perfect reliability and strong scalability with short implementation required.

Making decision to create more values with us

RongCloud has accumulated rich experience in field of instant messaging service in App for years. By integrating IM SDK and RTC SDK, mobile App developers can easily implement various types of social and customer service interactive features, which is saving plenty, time and costs on product development.

The App-based social function provided by RongCloud is willing to give strength for user conversional rate; helping more end-users understood how internet apps and services they are using; to provide better performance on end-users engagement, improve end-users retention rate, helping apps to optimize their operation strategy to create more values of user ecosystem and user growth rate efficiently.

RongCloud’s customer service is helping enterprise customer to establish self-existent communication channel between business and customers. On the other hand, high quality customer service will greatly improve the user experience and promote better strategy of consumer decision process; besides, for enterprises, to maintain well communication with customers are able to help them improve their products and services, and ultimately win a good reputation and benefits.